How Conveyor Belt is Recycled

We first look over each conveyor belt to see if there is any portion of the belt that can be reused as belting in another industry, very little can be reused in this way. Virtually all our conveyor belting inventory is recycled into rubber matting materials, gaskets, dock bumpers, grain pit covers, etc.

We are a zero-landfill company and absolutely none of this material goes to waste.

How Poly Pipe is Recycled

We recycle poly pipe in various ways, but a lot of our poly pipe inventory gets repurposed in the agriculture industry in the form of small culvert piping, water irrigation equipment, cement forms, tree protectors, etc. The remaining pipe that cannot be reused or repurposed as is, will be ground into HDPE flake or pellets and turned back into new poly-pipe.

How Metal and Used Equipment is Recycled

We try to recondition, remarket and resell as much of our inventory as possible on a constant basis. Whether it is structural steel, metal pipe, used mobile equipment, tanks and silos, conveyor systems, etc. We work with several equipment auctions and we can offer help with anything and everything you may want to sell.

Anything that cannot be remarketed, or resold as-is, will be reconditioned or processed to the point that it can be resoled or recycled in the most environmentally conscious way possible.