We Buy Conveyor Belts

We buy rolled or wound conveyor belt (rubber, fabric, or steel cable) nationwide in any condition and any size, no matter what the belt was used for or how dirty or clean it may be. We are the true no hassle used and scrap conveyor belt purchaser. We can also purchase un-rolled conveyor belting depending on the location of the belt.

We buy conveyor belt in minimum quantities of 30,000 pounds, but sometimes we can also handle smaller loads depending on the location of the belt. We ship on standard 50-foot flatbed trucks which can be loaded with telescopic forklifts (such as a Skytrak) or a small crane. We will weigh our truck in and out on your scales and pay for your material based on your scale weight. 

We typically have 14 day payment terms but special payment arrangements such as wire transfers or hand delivered checks can be made on request. The price we can pay for conveyor belting depends on the location of the belt, and the quantity available.

We buy ALL conveyor belting from the aggregate, mining and cement industry.

If you are not sure if you have the minimum quantity of 30,000 pounds of conveyor belt, just send us some pictures of all the belting you have for sale, with some details about the width, length, and thickness of each roll. From that, we can tell you if we will be able to pick it up yet, or if we need to wait until you have accumulated more waste belting. We do not need exact measurements, just pictures of each roll and a brief description of the size.



We Buy Poly Pipe

We buy poly pipe in any condition, and any size based on your scale weights. All we need you to do is load the truck when it arrives and get paid for your material.

We ship on 50-foot flatbeds with pipe stakes, dump trailers, or van trailers. Poly pipe can be loaded with a telescopic forklift (such as a Skytrak) or a thumbed excavator and must be cut to fit on a truck.

Minimum quantity to ship and purchase: 18,000 pounds. Prices will vary based on location and quantity.

You will be paid within 14 days of the initial pickup of your material, but special arrangements such as wire transfers or over-night checks can be made on request.



We Do Free Demolition of Metal Structures

We provide free small and large scale demolition services for metal structures and we can typically pay for the the scrap we demolish.

We can provide full container service to handle your maintenance and other metal waste streams.

We can provide boneyard clean-ups of scrap metal and other various items at very competitive rates. We also offer a range of other clean-up solutions for our customers, many of which don't even require them to lift a finger.



We Buy HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS, FPVC, PET, and Most Other Plastics

We will buy any type of plastic you have in industrial quantities.  

We arrange shipping, pay promptly, and work around your schedule with no hassle.  

Call or email us today to tell us what you have – we'll turn your waste into revenue.



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