Some Details About Our Process

  1. We require a minimum quantity for the pick up of your materials (30,000 pounds of conveyor belt, and 18,000 pounds of poly pipe). So the 1st step in our process is to figure out about how much material you have. To do that we simply need you to send us some pictures of all the belting or piping you have with some details about the width, length, and thickness or diameter of the material (these do not need to be exact measurements). From that we’ll come up with an estimate and determine whether we can pickup your materials now, or if we need to wait until you’ve accumulated more

  2. Based upon the information we gathered in the first step, we’ll work with you to determine the best way to maximize your return. Whether you decide to use in-house manpower or ask us to do a turn-key cleanup, we’re happy to work with what is best for you.
  3. Once we receive your materials we will send you a check for the payment within 7 days. Special payment arrangements, such as wire transfers, can be made upon request.  


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